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Floral | Nature |--| Background | Featured Designs | Flower | Illustration | Pink | Silvia Bukovac

Nature |--| Background | Featured Designs | Green | Leaf | Natural | Silvia Bukovac

About Silvia

Most of my professional life has been dedicated to graphic and web design. However, I have decided to return to my initial passion that never really left me - photography. Today, I'm a full time, professional photographer shooting mostly for stock photo agencies worldwide. I don't have particular favorite subject; I enjoy shooting just about anything that appears in my lens. My other passions are illustrations and video editing.

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Currently, I maintain 3 different websites. I have two blogs, one that primarily focuses on graphic illustration and another that serves as my personal blog. The third website is my web and graphic design company, DG Design. Both of my blog sites contain links to all of my stock photo galleries. If you see an image in one of my galleries that you would like to use on your business card or in another media format, please contact me through one of my blogs and I’ll be happy to work with you.

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Create a Business Card that's Impressive

Create a special touch of class for your business by ordering a card from Silvia's collection. If you are looking for a business card that will impress your clients then look no further. By using one of Silvia's designs you will set your business apart from your competitors. A professionally designed, colorful, sharp looking business card will impress your customers.

Focus on Quality

Like you, we specialize in quality customer service. Our business cards are printed on high quality white matte or glossy card stock. We also utilize a special 175-line filming process and a 4-color printing process. We finish all of our cards with a special invisible lamination coating that helps keep your cards looking fresh and clean longer.

Fruit | Trades |--| Apples | Featured Designs | Fresh | Green | Market | Silvia Bukovac | Vegetarian

The Best Way to Stay in Front of Your Customers

Quality business cards will be held onto and you will be remembered long after your competition's ads have faded. Whether they are kept in a pocket, on a bulletin board or on a refrigerator door; your business card will constantly be in front of the clients.

Business Cards for Your Entire Office

If your entire staff needs cards just call 858-292-7715 and you'll be able to take advantage of our Card Management services. We can put your logo and card layout online and give you a private login. Online Business Card request forms, Approval Processes, Photo and Completed Card Uploads give you the options you need when ordering cards and automation ensures you get what you ordered every time.

Ordering a Business Card with one of Silvia's Images

If you see a business card that you want to use for your company or personal use, please just click on that image. By clicking on the image it will immediately take your selection to the Card Editor. This area will allow you to continue developing your card by entering your personal information (company name, phone number, etc.). Once you're satisfied, go ahead and complete your order. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we will reprint at no charge, if you are not completely satisfied.

Floral | Nature |--| Background | Featured Designs | Green | Silvia Bukovac | Springtime

Food | Fruit | Hospitality | Trades |--| Background | Blueberries | Dark | Featured Designs | Fresh | Great | Healthy | Macro | Silvia Bukovac

Hospitality | Restaurants |--| Background | Caviar | Dark | Featured Designs | Silvia Bukovac

Food | Hospitality |--| Apple | Featured Designs | Fresh | Healthy | Peeled | Silvia Bukovac

Health | People |--| Drop | Featured Designs | Macro Photography | Silvia Bukovac | Water

Business | International |--| Background | Beautiful | Blue | Drops | Featured Designs | Macro Photography | Perfect | Silvia Bukovac | Water | Water Treatment

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